Cikarang Central City




Ruko berkelas Premium

Maraknya bisnis properti di Indonesia yang semakin terus berkembang, membuat kami Mutiara Mitra Group ikut berinovasi dalam membangun Ruko berkelas Premium, Cikarang Central City letaknya di lokasi strategis dekat dengan kompleks Industri ternama yang memiliki akses keluar masuk melalui pintu tol Cikarang Barat 3, 4 & 5. Cikarang Central City, menawarkan sebuah peluang bisnis yang sangat menguntungkan bagi Anda dan ini pertama hadir di area kota Cikarang. Di kawasan Cikarang Central City telah dibangun Hotel (HARRIS Hotel) dan 4 Tower Serviced Residences serta 2 Office Tower sehingga kawasan tersebut menjadi Kawasan Komersial Terpadu.

Selain fasilitas dan lingkungan yang strategis, Cikarang Central City didukung pula oleh infrastruktur yaitu berupa jalan Cor Beton & Aspal berkualitas tinggi, ROW 20 meter, kawasan bebas banjir serta parker yang luas dengan keamanan 24 jam & CCTV.



Each floor has a flexible

plan that can accommodate

offices ranging in size

Boutique Offices Specs & Floorplan

With an office development as premium-class as ICONCITY Boutique Offices, modern and detailed styling are given. Each floor has a flexible plan that can accommodate offices ranging in size from …… sq.m. to …….sq. m. Regardless of the size, every office has been designed to give you the maximum space to maximize space efficiency, while the expansive ……m2 floor-to-floor height enhances the open, airy ambience of your office. Clear vistas and natural light make each office a privilege to work in.

Each office is also equipped with its own executive wash room. So all you need to do is furnish it to your specific taste and requirements, and you’re ready for business.

Spesifikasi Bangunan
  • Pondasi
  • tiang pancang
  • Struktur
  • beton bertulang
  • Dinding
  • bata ringan
  • Plafond
  • rangka hollo + gypsum board 9mm
  • Lt. dasar
  • Homogenius tile 60/60 cm
  • Lt. atas
  • keramik 40/40 cm
  • Pintu
  • folding gate
  • Kusen jendela
  • aluminium + kaca
  • Sanitair
  • toto/setara
  • Cat interior
  • toa/setara
  • Cat exterior
  • toa weathershield
  • Air
  • pam
  • Telp
  • 1 line
  • Daya
  • listrik 3500w
  • Finishing facade
  • bahan aluminum Acp
  • Kaca
  • stopsol

Floor Plan

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Unit Type

ICONCITY Boutique Offices offers signature facade for each type selections.


ICONCITY Boutique Offices gives you the premium quality office space solution. Each unit has a signature facade selection with unique level of comfort. The Boutique Offices are set in spacious various sizes and beautifully designed modern spaces, these architecturally distinctive buildings provide tenants with a host of ICONCITY amenities.

ICONCITY Boutique Offices simply exudes styling and luxury, from its stunning façade to its smallest detail. The façade – a sheer glass cube – makes a strong architectural statement that will no doubt leave your clients and visitors impressed.
A feeling that deepens as its insightful, intelligent planning becomes more and more evident.

Look beyond the iconic, all-glass stopsol facade of ICON CITY Boutique Offices is meticulously designed to prevent heat during the day and energy save builiding concept. Premium and modern design are given to the 4 stories building with total building size of 640m2. Each unit comes with high grade private elevator whisks you up to your floor and access to spacious parking space around the units.


ICON CITY Boutique Office Space features a powerful, adaptable infrastructure to get you up and running immediately. Our office spaces can accommodate unique network configurations or telecommunication requirements, plus we provide additional services that are available only as needed-a good way to manage costs.


In a city where parking is the bane of all office goers, it’s a welcome relief that ICONCITY Boutique Offices has……m2 of parking area, giving it the unique distinction of having the highest parking to boutique office ratio. You will agree that more than an office space, ICONCITY Boutique Offices gives you possibly the finest work environment, at the most desirable address in Cikarang.


ICON CITY Boutique Offices is the pioneer in presenting each units with high grade private elevator, exclusively for your modern office comfort in the Cikarang District.


Every person, vehicle and object entering ICON CITY Boutique Offices is subjected to security checks before being allowed access to the area. And 24×7 CCTV monitoring keeps a close watch on visitors at every floor.